Why am  I using

different media

in my art ...


from photography, video to installations, performance, sounds and writing?

When moving from one cultural space to another, which has been "my way" since I can remember, I've spontaneously reached and continue to reach for the bird's eye perspective - to offer my viewers as much as possible a wholistic synthetic approach.The media which best transports and resonates a particular theme or atmosphere i am striving to create for viewers, is the media thus into which i will submerge my theme and let it materialize in that particular media's architecture...


Currently Eva Petrič collects old laces for creating further artworks, in which the laces are given a new life.

For donation please contact her via evapetric@hotmail.com.

Eva Petrič

On the day of my birth

Performance at the 2nd anniversary

of the  launch of Slovenia's 1st satellite

NEMO-HD into Earth's orbit.


Atrium of ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana
Sept. 2, 2022