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Why am  I using

different media

in my art ...


from photography, video to installations, performance, sounds and writing?

When moving from one cultural space to another, which has been "my way" since I can remember, I've spontaneously reached and continue to reach for the bird's eye perspective - to offer my viewers as much as possible a wholistic synthetic approach.The media which best transports and resonates a particular theme or atmosphere i am striving to create for viewers, is the media thus into which i will submerge my theme and let it materialize in that particular media's architecture...


Currently Eva Petrič collects old laces for creating further artworks, in which the laces are given a new life.

For donation please contact her via



Eva Petrič uses the translucent quality of lace to create her typical plays of light and shadow. The series will be presented in the staircase of the Festival Headquarters in the Prater. It was developed by LOBMEYR in collaboration with Eva Petrič on the occasion of their 200th anniversary and showcases the craftsmanship of the traditional manufactory in combination with its rich history.




The multi-media artist Eva Petrič works with photography, video, lace, (plexi-)glass, sound, performance and location-specific installations. She lives in Vienna, New York and Ljubljana.




The master glassmaker Josef Lobmeyr opened his first small shop in Vienna in 1823. Today, the sixth generation of the family business is still working to make the secret of glass tangible to a wider audience. Classic examples of elegant handcraft that are cherished by connoisseurs worldwide are produced in cooperation with internationally renowned designers such as Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, Michael Anastassiades, Sebastian Menschhorn, Marco Dessí, and Studio POLKA. Pieces by younger Viennese designers can now be found in major design collections such as those of MoMA in New York, the V&A in London, and MAK in Vienna.



Eva Petrič, LOBMEYR

  • 22.9.2023, 11am–8pm

  • 23.9.2023, 11am–10pm

  • 24.9.–1.10.2023, 11am–8pm

  • Cocktail: 30.9.2023, 5pm–8pm


Festivalzentrale im Prater, 2., Laufbergergasse 12

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