• Can you swim?
    Tue, Nov 16
    Museums Quartier courtyard
    Can you swim safely through the current of the 4th wave of the coronavirus pandemic? You can... or at least you can watch safely my newest multimedia art installation Can You Swim? currently being in installing at the popular Art Box within the courtyard of Vienna's MuseumsQuartier,
  • In the Reflection of Light
    Wed, Nov 24
    Savin's Fine Arts Salon Žalec
    Kindly invited: Eva Petrič and Zdenka Žido: In the Reflection of Light, curator Andreja Rakovec, Savin's Fine Arts Salon Žalec, Slovenia, 18.11. - 31.12.2021


  • InDayNightOut, my fashion collection that does not sleep
    Mon, Nov 08
    does not believe in “the right way” of wearing clothes. Going beyond that, it crosses borders of gender, culture, time and belief systems.
  • Sculpture Garden
    Mon, Nov 08
    At the 30th anniversary of the first pedestrian zone in Vienna's 6th district, the mixture of commercial and bohemian pulses of Vienna,
  • Corona Rose in 3 Movements - REvolving
    Thu, Oct 28
    Holy Trinity Church
    At the onset of the 4th corona virus wave: my Corona Rose in 3 Movements - REvolving, at the Holy Trinity Church in Bern, Switzerland, in its wish to revolve the course of the pandemic.
  • White Noise V
    Sat, Oct 16
    Il Giardino@Bed Stuy-Mansion
    After 20 months I am back in NYC in body and art form: kindly invited to WHITE NOISE V at Il Giardino@Bed Stuy-Mansion, 247 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, this Saturday from 7.30 - 9.30 pm.
  • Urban Landscape - Understanding Nature;  the 10th International Art Festival Kranj
    Mon, Oct 04
    Mahlerca - gallery in Layer's house
    By invitation of Klavdij Tutta, I am presented together with Ivan Klarič in Mahlerca - the gallery of Layer's house, with the multimedia installation Landscape@Souvenir, I remember the landscape...
  • Odyssey through My Dirt – Your Dirt
    Mon, Sep 27
    Kino Siska - Center for Urban Art
    I remember 9/11, twenty years ago - I was in high school in New York City... I remember and re-enlive it again in My Dirt - Your Dirt, transmedia event in collaboration with Rupert Huber, at Kino Siska - Center for Urban Art, Ljubljana, Sept. 27. at 7.00 pm
  • Hematoma Dream
    Mon, Sep 20
    Gallery DLUM
    Hematoma Dream, my photo series evolving into a multimedia installation, is part of the 2021 Photo Festival Maribor, on view from 18.9. - 5.10. 2021. My Hematoma Dream is hosted by Gallery DLUM, Židovska ul. 10, Maribor. Kindly invited. The exhibition is on view from this Saturday 10 AM onwards.
  • Launch and Mood
    Tue, Aug 10
    Galerie Galeria Sikoronja
    Kindly invited to Launch and Mood, Aufbruch und Stimmung, at Gallery Šikoronja, Rosegg, for 30-anniversary of independent Slovenia - on view till August 15. (end of October!)
  • Collective Heart
    Mon, Aug 09
    After Munich also Berlin and Nürnberg, after Corona Rose also Collective Heart, Astrocyte Garden's Visitor and Cross-over Lullaby - my art in Germany this summer.
  • SafetyKnot
    Sun, Aug 08
    Galerie Mourlot
    "On my Flying Carpet of E@motion" 100% Tibetan Wool, Hand Knotted in Nepal, 2 x 3 m (6 x 9 ft),
    Sun, Aug 08
    GO, STOP, STAY is a multimedia international group exhibition, where I was invited by the curator of the exhibition Szalai Kata and Vojnits-Purcsar Vito to co-operate with my multimedia work "VISITOR".
  • The Value of Sanctuary - Building a House Without Walls
    Sun, Aug 08
    The Cathedral Church of St. John the Div
    Beginning with the historic framework of the Cathedral as a site of welcome and refuge, this multidisciplinary exhibition explores the question of sanctuary through the work of modern and contemporary artists.
    Sun, Aug 08
    Ljubljanski grad
    The exhibition TRANShomoPLANTATION is closely linked to Petrič’s previous work and to her years of careful study of man and society, and her research of the environment and the world in the boundless universe.
  • On my shadow carpet
    Fri, Aug 06
    Princess Beatrix House
    Kindly invited to see my "Flying Carpet of Emotions" and works of selected renown artists at an exhibition of artist-designed carpets hosted by Tanja Grunert at Princess Beatrix House: 21 Prospect Ave., Hudson, NY 12534, from 31 July through 22 August.
    Sat, Jul 17
    Red Carpet Art Award Showroom
    If you are in Vienna till August 15, kindly invited to see my TRANShomoPLANTATION art installation at the Red Carpet Art Award Showroom at the Schottentor Subway station, next to the main Vienna's University building, at the ground entrance to the U2 line!
    Sat, Jul 03
    If you are in Berlin, kindly invited to Interwoven - twisting your mind on textile - an international group exhibition, curated by Neža Peterle, at Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin, on view till July 21!
  • Post-Corona Sun, Penduluming
    Wed, Jun 02
    Križevniška Church
    Site-specific multimedia installation (assemblage of recycled found lace, plexiglass sculpture, sound, light)