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In my work I often deal with emotions – with love. For this matter I was especially interested in being confronted with the heart – with the real, physical one - pulsating with life,
not simply in the metaphor of words.

 I received this confrontation 100% when witnessing the real anatomical heart and its owner's bones side by side, in opposition, in a dialogue. Dr. Robert Favaloro enabled me to observe open heart surgery on the heart of one of his patient's at the Favaloro Foundation Clinique in Buenos Aires, when I visited Argentina with my exhibition Angel, dissected some years ago. He so to say, "transplanted&quot" - immersed me into the center of the heart, the home of emotions.

I was interested to see the seat of emotions, as we like to think of the heart. After seeing the bare human heart at the open heart surgery, I am now no longer sure whether the heart is the seat of emotions. Rather, I now realize that it is the emotions which fuel the heart. My image “fiesta”, stemming from the “happy” emotions section in my periodic table of shadowed emotions, reminds me of the human heart, 
pulsating upwards, like a battery that wants to keep going and going and going… It represents to me to the human heart and all the various shadowed emotions entangled in numerous twists and turns, in the intricate pathways of the vibrating heart.


Re flect – zig tick tack, zig zag - shadow emotions, translated into curves and loops of Idrija lace, caught into the Rogaška crystal… showing not only zig zags twists and turns of life but interweaving, connecting us, similarly as Idrija lace does, into unconscious patterns. We are like threads, caught into loops of emotions in patterns of past and future generations.









Re flect series stems from my project Gr@y Matter – language of shadows, exploring the communication abilities of shadows. In the periodic table, borrowed from the natural sciences, I replaced chemical elements with emotions visualized with images of shadows. Emotions are like shadows: we all have them, whether we acknowledge them or not. In fact, we belong to a community of shadows, which accompany and accept each and every one of us – although we often do not notice them. Likewise shadows also emotions are ungraspable; appearing and disappearing they often trick us. They are like the twists and turns in my shadow image, translated into Idrija lace, passing from black to white and negative to positive. Caught into crystal, they reflect the tradition and heritage of Idrija lace., Shadows from the periodic table of shadowed emotions place them into the contemporary globalized world.

Pieces of the Rogaška crystal at this site contain the hand engraved image from the Gr@y Matter series, translated into handmade Idrija lace.

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