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  • Eva Petrič

Siren Odyssey

My sincere thanks to all who attended the presentation of my shadow translations into frequencies and tones as my art vinyl “SIREN ODYSSEY” today at the Gallery Photon in Ljubljana. Thank you especially to curator Spela Pipan for leading the conversation in such a professional and interesting way ; as well as to galerist Dejan Sluga for the nice invitation to present my work.

Can a shadow be transformed into sound?……This question led me to the project SIREN ODYSSEY - materialized as a limited edition art vinyl with signed poster and shadow frequencies chart evolving from my Gr@y Matter Language of Shadows project where I explored the shadow through the periodic table of elements, reinterpreting it with my Gr@y Matter imagery and translating it into emotions, as the periodic table of Shadowed E@motions.

A section of my periodic table of shadowed E@motions .which you can also see in the art object Rubik's cube of recycled shadows and emotions on the Metelkova Museum platform in Ljubljana, was the basis for my chosen 11 shadows, which I translated into certain tones. These correspond to certain frequencies depending on the specific position of the shadow in the periodic table of shadow emotions.

Thank you to Mydek2000 for his collaboration on Siren Odyssey- in translating all the particular frequencies and audible tones and beautiful and enigmatic music. Thank you to Maison10 in New York for having presented SIREN ODYSSEY with me last year in their iconic gallery as well as Thomas Miessgang, renown art writer and music lover who lead a very interesting discussion with me in Vienna at the Churhaus St. Stephansdom and who wrote a fantastic text to go along with the art vinyl.

Thank you also to Mario Rossori for his guidance and help in materializing Siren Odyssey

From the text of Thomas Miessgang: "... Siren Odyssey aims to explode this modality of being and uncover other dimensions of the multiverse. It is an odyssey in the truest sense of the word, which uses a very limited repertoire of auditory impulses, especially on the acoustic level, but which lends them urgency and ontological urgency through repetition and varied development. You only hear synthesizer sounds, electronic percussion and a voice, sometimes mirrored and multiplied by filter effects, reverb and echo, which in unison open up a huge soundscape. It is not for nothing that the ancient odysseys of Odysseus and the siren songs that tempt people to perdition are brought into play in the title: the sound vignettes oriented towards frequency relationships, which in turn are associated with moods and atmospheres, are about the dialectics of cosmic odyssey and the aesthetic (re)construction of parallel worlds beyond logos and spatiotemporal limitations of existential possibilities. The free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler, who died in 1970, said “music is the healing force of the universe” ..."

"Siren Odyssey does not develop a conventional narrative, but, if it does, a multi-perspective tale that can only be captured in time loops, time balls, and whose time arrow points in the most different directions: Exploding stars are merging again, the universe is no longer expanding but contracts, shrinking, until it is an unimaginably compact particle, a trillion times smaller than an atomic nucleus...." (from the text of Dr. Thomas Miessgang.

You can read the whole text of Dr. Thomas Miessgang and listen and feel all 11 vibrations in my vinyl SIren Odyssey, available at the Photon gallery online shop.

And a view into Siren Odyssey as I performed it at Kino Šiška, Center for Urban Culture in Ljubljana in 2021.

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