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Portraits in Scent exhibition

THANKS to all who managed to join me at the Meet the artist event at the Olfactory Art Keller in New York City yesterday, in the frame of the Portraits in Scent exhibition.

"Portraits in Scent" is an exhibition of olfactory portraits that capt

ure the intangible (or is it the invisible?) that eludes photography and painting. I am happy to have been invited to participate in this unique gallery, located at 25A Henry Street, the beginning of New York's China town, in what artnet news called "Manhattan's Hottest New Gallery Hub" in a former barber shop.

I am thankful to Andreas Keller, the founder of this unique gallery, for inviting me already for the second time to participate at his special exhibitions.

Andreas Keller, the author of Philosophy of Olfactory Perception, is an academic who investigates different aspects of olfactory perception and has taught smell to philosophy students City College and to architecture students at Columbia University. He supports artists using odors and perfumers creating art. By presenting scented objects, olfactory experiences, and smell performances as well as works of multisensory art in which odor is essential, he hopes to normalize the use of scents in contemporary art. His ultimate goal is to preserve olfactory aesthetic experiences in our visuocentric digital world.

At my first participation in his gallery I presented my unique fragrance Collective memory, which I created specially for his exhibition and placed it into a bottle that i inherited from my grandmother and hand-engraved it.

Eva Petrič, Ophelia

My Ophelia No.4, awarded with Silver Medal for Photography at SNBA 2016 in Paris, the oldest art salon in Paris, France.

This year I am participating with OPHELIA, who with her dandelion bouquet reverts the common symbol to OPHELIA to one which celebrates the return of life, the rebirth of growth and green after a harsh winter, and a display of abundant strength and power.

If you didn't manage to come to the Meet the artist event, kindly invited to experience OPHELIA in her RE@EVOLUTION, through my staged photograph on plexi glass as well as unique hand engraved bottle of Ophelionic shadowed lace heart motifs embracing Ophelia’s elixir - a unique - one of a kind fragrance I’v created especially for this special exhibition.

Portraits in Scent

at Olfactory Art Keller

25 Henry Street

New York,NY 10002

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