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at the Curhaus in Vienna, adjacent to the magnificent Cathedral of St. Stephan, on view till June 5th.

If you didn't have a chance to see Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz after the opening of my Human Cocoon at the St. Stephan cathedral on Tuesday, kindly invited to visit it any day till June 5.

Thanks to all the people who managed to visit it after the opening of my Human Cocoon Lenten Cloth2023 at the St. Stephan's cathedral in Vienna.

with scientists with Dompriest Toni Faber

Those who didn't manage, welcome to visit it any day till June 5.

My exhibition “Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz” at the Curhaus explores the symbol of the angel as the AngelHound, through 13 different images.

AngelHound@Hz is a series of relics each conveying a different look, different costume, different language, different smell, different belief, but all with the same light – same dirt.

Each image with unique assemblage is placed in a unique recycled frame, resonating by the particular image…

Dr. Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias:…The Lenten cloth is accompanied by a photo exhibition in the Curhaus. Here Eva Petrič is her own model. In the role of the angel, one and the same photo in a recycled frame and with symbolic set pieces and decorative elements for the different emotions. There are also fascinating shadow images in which her person is mirrored, multiplied, and superimposed, and which unfold an almost hypnotic effect.“

Excerpt from Dr. Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias presentation

When you come to see the HUMAN COCOON Fastentuch in Vienna St. Stephan's Cathedral, don’t forget to also visit the exhibition “Playing the Angel- AngelHound@Hz" at Curhaus!

Crown of Thorns and Tears, installation with barb wires from Isonzo WWI front with the AngelHound dove caught into its crown

'On the banks of Isonzo I hunted for barbed wires from this game of games and turned them into handles of a swing - my childhood memory of the area of the Isonzo valley where I had a swing just like this as a child. Today it conveys to me the realities of Isonzo. It underlies that even the most beautiful and innocent appearing of things have ugliness inside them. Their disclosure depends on which way the potential held inside the crown swings on the swing, and with how much power!' says Eva Petrič and adds: 'Nietzsche noted that will to power is what makes the world go round, sets the swing swinging, sustains the game of collecting trophies...We are all constantly searching for trophies. Even the action, the deed of taking a photograph is catching 'a trophy' out of memory or a thought, idea realized, an observation. It is like a game of finder keeper: the more trophies we collect, the more we ourselves become a trophy.... swinging on in this endless game of games.'

Crown of Thorns&Tears, 2007, consists of a wire-spun crown, dressed in velvet and turned upside down, fastened to the bottom of a swing, which is made from an old wood plank and is equipped with hand railings from old, barbed wires, used by Austrian soldiers on the Isonzo front during the First World War. Inside the turned upside down crown is another small crown, into which a white dove is caught. Out from the big crown under the swing more than hundred crystal and glass tears of different colors (crystals bought at flea markets in different cities) ooze out on long thin wires of different lengths, forming one big, shiny tear.

Crown of Thorns and Tears, is a homage to the sad unnecessary-ness of the fight for territory and useless stubbornness behind it, to the atrocities that happened on the crown of Isonzo more than 100 years ago.

We all carry 1001 roles within us, but they all unite in one: in the AngelHound. We are like the hunting Angel who hunts the bad, but also like the guardian Hound who guards the good; we are torn between the roles of Angel and Hound, between light and darkness…

We are AngelHounds, resonating at particular frequencies.

With the kind support of:

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