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Opening my solo exhibition Hematoma@Cdur

After the opening of the Biwako Biennale 2022 at Omihachiman in the Shiga prefecture I am honored to present also my solo exhibition Hematoma@Cdur in another prefecture of Japan, in Kagawa, at the White Cube Takamatsu Tsukuma Gallery, in the interesting coastal city Takamatsu.

As a recipient of this year's Award of Excellence for print/photography at the Utazu Art Award Biennale in Japan, I was offered this wonderful opportunity to present a solo exhibition Hematoma@Cdur to the art lovers of the Kagawa region of Japan.

I have decided to bring my “Hematoma@Cdur” installation created from a hand made fishing net that was entrusted to me by a dear friend Tanya Vajk who discovered it in an antique shop at La baie de Douarnenez on the cost of Bretagne twenty years ago.

Hematoma@Cdur presents a collective hematoma the evolution of our DNA, the shadow of our existence, and expands into the tangible range, develops, grows and brings us into a collective consciousness and a collective mind.

Allows us to integrate into one organism, gives us the opportunity to transcend ourselves and grow into something better and kinder.

If anywhere, I think “Hematoma@Cdur” has found not only its home, but also it’s heart here in this wonderful town of very kind people.

Thank you to prof.Tosihihiro Hamano for all his kindness and for inviting me to Takamatsu...

as well as to the gallery head Nagai and to Noriaki and Ana Sangawa for helping me in installing my exhibition, which I could not have realized without their valuable help!

Thanks to everyone who attended my opening and artist talk at the “White Box Tsukumo art gallery” in Takamatsu, Kagawa today and to the Art Group Ryu for organizing it!

Thanks also to the TV news of Kagawa for making a special interview on the exhibition.

If you are in Japan, kindly invited to visit the exhibition from October 12 to 23 October 2022 at White Cube Tsukumo Gallery, in Takamatsu, Kagawa.

I’m extremely honored to see my name : “EVA” translated into a much more elegant and mysterious form - into Japanese; featured at the White Cube Takamatsu Gallery in the wonderful sea town of Japan’s Tsukumo with my solo exhibition „Hematoma@Cdur“.

Last but not the least, my great thanks to Anna Sangawa for being my translator and enabling me to communicate with my wonderful hosts.

Copyright ©Eva Petric, 2022, Bildrecht Vienna, All rights reserved.

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