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  • Eva Petrič

On the day of my birth ...

... my art intervention within my video projection voicing water on the World Water Day, at the Slovenia EXPO, World EXPO Dubai.

When I look down at Earth from space I see this amazing, indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism, but at the same time it looks extremely fragile"… stated Ron Garen when aboard the international space station looking down at our blue planet, which I echoed yesterday in my performance “On the day of my birth” at the World Expo Dubai i at the Slovene Pavilion honoring the International Water Day March 22.

Thank you to my collaborator musician Hayato Nakao for the empowering music he created and to the team of the Slovene Pavilion and to all the visitors who lended their attention to the pressing theme of water, which connects us not only into the most complex and important web- the web of life, but also the web of common responsibility. What would we be without water? … a mote of dust suspended in a light beam, as Carl Sagen envisioned … let’s come together to keep our Earth, our blue planet as we know it to be, as the entire cosmos knows it to be …

I was honored to voice water at the closing of the high level International conference on Water led by the Ministry of Environment of Slovenia, with ministers for environment from Slovenia, Finland and India and high level UN administrators from Geneva, who held a panel discussion at the Slovene Pavilion yesterday on the theme of water with emphasis of ground water, making the invisible, visible.

I am honored that my video “On the day of my birth” will be featured until the closing of this year’s WORLD EXPO taking place in DUBAI under the joining theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”- and the sub themes of “Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility”, at the Slovenian Pavilion till March 31st in the category of WATER as the last theme of the World Expo and as a theme that joins all of humanity and makes our one and only planet also our common responsibility! If you are in Dubai, kindly invited to see my video from today onwards till the end of the World Expo March 31st 2022.

Kindly invited to see and listen to the horrific statistics that run like water- endlessly, the words that pull at our conscience of various astronauts looking at Earth from up above, giving us a new perspective on our one and only planet Earth, the blue planet, but not forever …

And last but not least, allow for yourself to get lost in the marvelous mythical, eclectic compositions of Hayato Nakao’s music that truly makes us feel as if we’re somewhere else , looking back at our planet earth, reviewing what we did wrong…and what we could still do …There’s still time to act.

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