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  • Eva Petrič

Gr@y matter-language of shadows and Shadow Menuet at Photo Basel 2023

My Gr@y matter-language of shadows and Shadow Menuet at Photo Basel 2023 from June 12 -June 18, in the special curated exhibition Beyond Photography.

I'm happy to share that my opus Gr@y Matter - language of shadows“ has been chosen by the Photo Basel, during the Art Basel Week from 13 - 18 June, to be a part of this year’s special and first time curated „Beyond Photography„ exhibition.

Eva Petrič, Shadow Menuet

Photo Basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photography-based art. Since 2016, Photo Basel is located in the immediate proximity of Art Basel, situated in the beautiful compound of the Volkshaus Basel, renovated by acclaimed Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron and located at Rebgasse 12, just 700 meters from the Art Basel exhibition center.

Eva Petrič, Gr@y matter -l language of shadows

This year 39 galleries from 11 countries are sharing more than 400 photographic positions (artworks) by 169 artists, Photon Gallery Ljubljana/Vienna will be presenting works by Dino Kuznik, Tomo Brejc and Reiner Riedler. In the special program of Photo Basel "Beyond Photography" Photon will present my photographic installation with the Gr@y Matter - language of shadows book of the artist and the photo art object Shadow Menuet!

My 1025 pages book of the artist.

Periodic Table of Shadowed Emotions, the DNA of my Gr@y matter - language of shadows photography opus.

«Beyond Photography» is a curated selection of photographic positions that – as the name suggests – go beyond photography: mixed media, special printing techniques, a shift from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional – there are a number of various approaches to an enlargement of the medium of photography.

The works listed below are a selection of the wide ranging “Beyond Photography” positions that are going to be shown at this year’s fair:

Besides my two works selected for the Beyond Photography presentation, Photon Gallery Ljubljana/Vienna is presenting works by Dino Kuznik, Tomo Brejc and Reiner Riedler.

With Reiner Riedler.

If we could see time, how would it look like, how would it feel like ? Like my Gr@y Matter ? Like shadows on the wall… jumping , moving , appearing, disappearing and then again reappearing - communicating a whole array of emotions, sharing E@motion….

In 2006 I dedicated that whole year of my life to the study of time; trying to decode it, attempting to understand it, wanting to really feel it on my skin… what resulted was my 1,025 page Gr@y Matter book, which is now the DNA of my art, summarized as the periodic table of shadowed emotions.

What I learned is that my shadow is the better side of me, the kinder side of me , always there in all-ways full of potential and aesthetic arrest, the bridge to “the other” in me and to the other of “you”… Even though it’s one of my early works,, I always return to it and it appears and reappears in every single one of my projects, my artistic signature.

If you are in Basel or in its vicinity, kindly invited to visit Photo Basel and meet me and my works at the booth 14 of the Photon Gallery Ljubljana & Vienna!


With my Gr@y matter - language of shadows book of the artist and my Shadow Menuet box at the international exhibition Back to black, at the Photon Centre for contemporary photography.

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