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Thanks to all who joined the successful launching of Digital Art Gallery at 28 Liberty Fosun Plaza, the iconic landmark plaza and office tower in Manhattan's Financial District, New York City last Wednesday, with my twelve week Recycling Shadows video projection on giant screens facing the Plaza and in the ground-level amphitheatre.

Eva Petric'c Recycling video installation is projected on a 34-foot by 25-foot LED screen facing the landmarked Fosun Plaza and in the ground-level amphitheatre, open to the public from May 3 to July 31.

Made to highlight the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Elements, analog photography of Petrič’s own shadows visualize emotions, replacing elements from the table.

My great thanks to Tom Costanzo for his trust and support and for his enabling me to show my Gr@y Matter -language of shadows opus in its moving form during the next 12 weeks. Thanks for help and support also to Jason Berkeley; and LeighAnne Tucci for her amazing organization and leading of this project, as well as Allison O’Donnell for her wonderful PR, and Jason Webber for his technical support.

My special thanks to Richard Vine, the former managing editor of Art in America Magazine, and to David Cohen, the editor and publisher of, who presented in a dialogue their views on my video installation.

I am compelled by the intangible nature of shadows and emotions. I employ them as a means to build bridges between people, concepts, beliefs, even feelings; an emblem of empathy.

Appearing and disappearing, shadows often trick us. They are like the twists and turns in my image Stem Cell at the heart of the Recycling Shadows video. Translated into the pattern of Idrija lace, passing from black to white and negative to positive, this image illustrates the ups and downs in life and inside the bodies of each and every one of us.

My "Stem Cell" Image, a photo of my shadow, translated into the pattern of Idrija lace and having a central role in Recycling shadows, resided in its micro version, caught into a cube of plexi glass, as “Earthling Tattoo Seal,” at the International Space Station at Low Earth Orbit’s Moon Gallery collection for approximately one year, from Febr. 20222 to Jan.2023.

Upon its return from the International Space Station, it has cocooned in its enlarged 9m x 5m version at the St. Stephan Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, as Human Cocoon. It nestled on the image of the mixture of red blood cells of three individuals, an artist, a scientist, and a priest, echoing the three activities that distinguish Homo Sapiens from the rest of our fellow Earthlings: art, science, and spirituality.

Eva Petrič: “Human Cocoon acts as a TOTEM for the many and often unseen ways by which we are connected. The half-white, half-black figure is reminiscent of a battery where one side is the cathode, and the other side is the anode. Appearing like an ancient hieroglyph and at the same time as a futuristic being it serves as a contemporary 'emoji' and stands for what it means to be a human: to be an active and irreplaceable element in the delicate lace web of life. When one thread breaks, all the threads oscillate and the pattern readjusts, adapts.”

If you are in New York, kindly invited to stop by by Eva Petrič's video Recycling shadows any time 24/7, day and night, till July 31, at the North Lobby or in the ground level amphitheatre of 28 Liberty, the Iconic office tower and plaza in the center of Lower Manhattan, featuring Dubuffet's famous Group of Four Trees and the peaceful Noguchi rock garden fountain.

Originally One Chase Manhattan Plaza, 28 Liberty was designed by renowned architect Gordon Bunshaft, and was once the headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank. The building is situated between Liberty, Pine, Nassau, and William Streets in Manhattan’s Financial District.

The building and its plaza, now named Fosun Plaza, offers direct access from the Wall Street 2 & 3 Subway line at the lobby while the 4 & 5 trains can be reached at Wall Street itself. Nearby at Broad Street the J & Z trains service the area all of which is steps away from the building property.

Eva Petric's Recycling shadows on giant screen at 28 Liberty, New York City.

Fosun Brings International Artist Eva Petric to 28 Liberty.

Copyright ©Eva Petric, 2023, Bildrecht Vienna, All rights reserved.

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