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  • Eva Petrič

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life, my art intervention at the Uniqa Tower in Vienna, one of the most unique contemporary palaces in this city of historical palaces along the Danube Channel, welcomes you any day till December 17! Kindly invited!

Welcome all to the celebration of life!

Designed by renowned architect Heinz Neumann the Uniqa Tower, this glass palace which reaches to the sky, tempted me to want to start and share a dialog with it and through with my art, both outside and inside.

In these uncertain times, i feel that it is extremely important to celebrate life. If we pay attention to life which is a gift to everyone in this world with its richness, complexity and joy, then we are on a good way to preserve peace, which enables us to enjoy and celebrate life in all its forms and potentiality.

Kindly invited to come-see - interact with my art intervention at the beautiful UNIQA TOWER in Vienna.

My sincere THANKS to the entire team of UNIQA:

to Director Dr. Andreas Brandstatter for his trust and enabling me to realize my vision, to Katja Zirngeist, Elisabeth Wagner and Klaus Kraigher for their PR

and especially to Carmen del Derler for all the organizing,

prof. Boris Podrecca for his ongoing support and thoughtful and inspiring words on my work,

the technical team of Ernst Beizer , Andreas Ryba, Toby, and Andrej Maher with his team without whom this project would not be, and last but not least, my dear friend Karin Witasek for being the initiator of all this!

Welcome all to the celebration of life!

Let my TREES OF LIFE serve as totems for celebrating life!

Let the UNIQA CUPOLA serve as a Collective Mirror - to remind us to see ourselves as a part of a greater whole…

Let my UNIQA SAIL help us to use the winds to sail through these uncertainties of these times, to reach the bright future!

Let my DROPS of WORLDS@UNIQA at the Uniqa stone, serve as steppingstones towards a bright future!

I am especially honored to have my Drops of Worlds@Uniqa in a dialog with the Urania building across the Danube Channel, the work of the famous Slovene architect Maks Fabiani.

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