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  • Eva Petrič

A view on Earth from the ISS

A view on Earth from the ISS reminds us on Earth's (and human race's) fragility - My Earthling's message at the ISS and mine at the World EXPO Dubai on the occasion of the World Water Day.

Photo credits: Moon Gallery Foundation - Nanoracks - NASA

A view on Earth from the final frontier of human habitat, from the International Space Station, which floats 400 km above our planet, reminds us of the fragility of our Earth as well as of the fragility of our human race. Currently, its scientific team consisting of American, Russian, and ESA astronauts, reminds us that mutual beneficial cooperation among different nations is possible - and that it is essential for our survival.

Photo credits: Moon Gallery Foundation - Nanoracks - NASA

My Earthling Tattoo Seal, one of the 64 mini Moon Gallery-artefacts containing values worthy of being channelled into the Universe and currently being tested at the ISS, reminds us of all the connections that exist amongst us, enabling our survival. I sincerely hope that its message will reach us back on Earth.

I am happy to provide the link to the first short video that was recorded at the ISS during the testing of the Moon Gallery. These artworks at the International Space Station are the “pioneers”, the first art pieces​ that went to space to channel our values into the universe. Hopefully they will channel them also back to Earth.

Back on Earth we are facing tremendous problems in securing peace as well as preserving our planet's life enabling features - water being one of the most essential. I am proud to have the possibility to draw attention to the problems of enabling this vital source of life to all people on Earth - with my art intervention and video projection On the day of my birth, at the Slovenia EXPO Pavilion, at the World EXPO Dubai 2021/22, devoted to sustainability. The invitation is below:

My art intervention with my live presence and audio collage will take place on the World Water, March 22, at the 1st floor of the Slovenia Pavilion World EXPO Dubai, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm.

Video projection solely On the day of my birth will be presented at the Europa Square of the Slovenia Pavilion every hour during the Water section of the World Expo Dubai, from March 21 to March 30.

Our planet is often named as Blue planet, the planet abound with water, enabling life. Water also greets you at the entrance into the unique Slovenia EXPO Pavilion at World EXPO Dubai.

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