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Ultimate Beauty - what is beauty in today's art?

Ultimate Beauty - what is beauty in today's art? Curated by Motoichi Adachi and kyoko Sato, at Tenri Culture Institute of New York, 43A W 13th St. New York.

Thanks to everyone who attended ULTIMATE BEAUTY exhibition opening at the Tenri Culture Institute of New York last Wednesday evening:

I am honored to have been invited to participate in the unique and progressive exhibition ULTIMATE BEAUTY which challenges the concept of beautiful art and opens up the space to redefine it.

Curated by Motoichi Adachi and Kyoko Sato in the company of Artists: Takuya Sugiyama, Yuji Hamamura, Erika Harrsch, Eva Petric, Johan Wahlstrom.

Motoichi Adachi, an Emmy Award-winning writer in Tokyo, and Kyoko Sato, a New York-based curator known for her introduction of Japanese culture into New York’s contemporary art scene, have come together to launch a new art exhibition series. The series will bring Japan-based artists whose works, regardless of genre or background, to the world's cutting-edge art scene alongside – and in conversation with – leading international and New York-based artists, effectively interacting with and inspiring each other.

Kyoko Sato, the curator of the exhibition, says: “This exhibition prioritizes these artists challenging the cultural norm, seeking to define and redefine beauty....

As American composer Cage put it, "An artist conscientiously moves in a direction which for some good reason he takes, putting one work in front of the other with the hope he’ll arrive before death overtakes him."

When an artist chooses a direction, is it in search of beauty? Is it in hopes of leading the rest of us to a more hopeful future? Is that where the value lies? Throughout this exhibition, we will pose these questions and more”.

What is for you the definition of beauty!? If you didn’t have the chance to visit it on the opening, kindly invited to visit it till February 1,

“I find beauty in the texture of life which is not always smooth and spotless, but is instead often torn and stained with age, disappointments and broken threads…making it sincere and in my eyes, beautiful…“

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