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My performance Eden REtransplanted at the magnificent St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna

My great thanks to all the many people who attended my performance Eden REtransplanted at the fully occupied magnificent St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna Friday night for its one and only long night of churches!

With my video: Eden transplanted, integrated into my site-specific art installation from recycled and found lace from various parts of the world, created for the high altar of the majestic Stephansdom Cathedral especially for the Long night of churches, I created, a 50 minute performance titled: Eden REtransplanted.

I invited the audience to join me on my journey in the search of a new planet onto which we could transplant the human heart if circumstances on Earth would no longer enable us to stay here, on planet Earth.

Jurij Meden, curator of the Film Museum in Vienna: »Knowing Eva Petrič's video works I have experienced her Eden Transplanted as a stroll or wanderings from some kind of micro and macro universum, as an endeavor of encompassing or even domesticating of the outside world with an inner world, as a kind of atomistic, impure, organic (and consequently exclusively precious) infection of a fearful idea of cosmos that suddenly becomes a bit more accessible, more alleviated, more human and less cold.«

Can a heart live outside the body? Can it travel to unknown places and spaces? It might not be possible now... but who knows what lies in the future.

In the performance, a positive of a real human heart encased within a glass cover accentuates the question: Is it possible to transplant the human heart also onto other planets?

Imagine all the people living life in peace... imagine all the people sharing all the world....

Imagine, so sings John Lennon.

What is today the matter of imagination, and what is the fact?

The fact is that the AI is a part of our lives.

Will AI enable us that which John Lennon imagined to become true?

Will it enable us to not repeat our mistakes from today and from the past?

Will it free us from greed and irrationality?

The fact is that the human heart can live in a container of oxygen... and with AI replacing emotions. But is such a heart still a human heart? Imagine...

My sincere thanks to St. StephansDom priest Toni Faber, who trusted in my vision and invited me to present my art,

and all the technicians of the Dombauhütte, to Olli Aigner and Michi Krupica for setting up the lights and projection, Branko Orasche for filming my performance, the Hayato Nakao, Matija Strnisa and Christopher Daruwalla for their music, to Janis Brenner for her initial choreography, the AKH for enabling me to attend explantations and transplantation of organs which influenced this performance and to the institute of anatomy in Ljubljana for donating to me the positive of the real human heart to help raise awareness for the vital and symbolic value of our heart, and everyone else who helped me along the way and all the sponsors involved

I was honored and happy to have my „Collective Solar Cell“ shining at the St Stephansdom specially for the Long Night of Churches with all the visitors expectations …

...Keeping company to my „Human Butterfly@ArtScienceSpirituality till the morning of June 5.

If you are in Vienna, kindly invited to peek into the St. Stephan's cathedral for one last view on Collective Solar Cell and the trio of Human Butterfly@ArtScienceSpirituality, floating above the memory of Human Cocoon, projected onto the cathedral floor.

With the support of:

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