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My collaboration with Lobmeyr's lanterns at their 200-anniversary

My collaboration with Lobmeyr's lanterns at the 200-anniversary of this famous chandelier manufacturer and store in Vienna teleported me with the TELEshadowPORTATION Lantern series, my collaboration with Lobmeyr, to Mitsukoshi in Tokyo on the 350-anniversary of this iconic store.

Mitsukoshi store in Tokyo

Lobmeyr Lantern from TELEshadowPORTATION series, upgraded with my shadow silhouettes translated into the pattern of Idrija lace, hand-engraved into Lobmeyr's historic lanterns.

With Yuichi Shimura, the general manager of Lobmeyr Salon in Tokyo.

With Johannes Rath, managing partner of Lobmeyr Chandeliers Vienna, under one of my hand-engraved lanterns in Vienna.

I am happy to share that the whole TELEshadowPORTATION series of historic Lobmeyr lanterns, my collaboration with Lobmyer at its 200-anniversary, will be presented at the Vienna Desigin Week, Spet. 22 - Sept.30, 2023.

More about the series from the Lobmeyr catalog:

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