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  • Eva Petrič

Incubator of E@motions - we all come from this heart

Extending to Japan: my Incubator of E@motions - we all come from this heart, at the Biwako Biennale, curated by Yoko Nakata, in Omihachiman, from Oct. 8 to Nov. 27.

I am proud to be invited to the 10th Biwako Biennale in Japan with my multimedia installation Incubator of E@motions - we all come from this heart, set up at the historic former Ban's residence from the Edo period.

Biwako Biennale, this year organized already for the tenth time, was one of the first Japanese art events to be organized outside of a museum or a gallery, and it has undoubtedly paved the way for similar exhibitions and festivals that can be found all over Japan nowadays.

This year's Biennale is devoted to the theme of Origin.

I am replying to its challenge with Incubator of E@motions - We all come from this heart.... In words of Yoko Tanaka, the theme - 起源〜ORIGIN marks the 2022 10th edition of the BIWAKO Biennale as a journey to reflect on our many origins, and to reach the origin that lies deep within our hearts....

Curated by Yoko Nakata, this art festival invites approximately 70 artists from Japan and abroad to collaborate with local citizens of Ōmihachiman and Hikone. In both cities, abandoned Japanese houses are repaired, cleaned and brought back to life with art: they are then opened to the public as BIWAKO Biennale venues.

Incubator of E@motions - we all come from this heart...

With the positive of a real human heart, donated to me by the institute of anatomy of the Medical School, University of Ljubljana, to raise awareness of the importance of the heart as the giver and the keeper of life... and as the seat of our emotions...

At the preview tonight.

Yoko Nakata opening the Biwako Biennale 2022

With HE Elisabeth Bertagnoli, the ambassador of Austria to Japan, Yoko Nakata, the initiator and curator of the Biennale and with Mario Vielgrader, the director of the Austria Culture Forum Tokyo, which kindly supported my participation at this year's biennale as the Slovenian artist based in Vienna.

Thanks also to the attention of Mrs. Tina Vodnik from the embassy of Slovenia in Japan...

and to Konishi Osamu, the Mayor of the city of Omihachiman.

My site specific installation „Incubator of E@motions, We all originate from this heart…“ is taking place at the former Ban's residence from the Edo period.

It is composed of about 300 found or donated handmade lace and crochet pieces from all over the world, the positive of a real human heart and of the Love song, the sound of the flow of my blood through my heart that was recorded at the AKH in Vienna with the kind help of Dr. Franz Gremmel.

Kindly invited to visit the BIWAKO Biennale 2022 - if you are in Japan or via its website online from elsewhere from Oct 8th – Nov 27th 2022 / at Shiga prefecture, Omihachiman / Hikone!

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