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Goodbye to Playing the Angel and hello to Siren Odyssey

my heartful thanks to all who joined us at the Finissage last Wednesday of my Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz at Curhaus next to the wonderful St. Stephan's cathedral in the heart of Vienna and at the launching of my Siren Odyssey art soundscapes vinyl!

The exhibition Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz, is the last of the three exhibitions that formed my Human Cocoon art intervention 2023 at the famous St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna: with Human Cocoon Lenten Cloth 2023 in the cathedral, this metamorphosing into Human Butterfy@ArtScienceSpirituality, being accompanied all the time with my Playing the Angel exhibition at the Curhaus, searching for shadows in pairs with the right sound frequencies.

We all carry 1001 roles within us, but they all unite in one: in the AngelHound. We are like the hunting Angel who hunts the bad, but also like the guardian Hound who guards the good; we are torn between the roles of Angel and Hound, between light and darkness…

We are AngelHounds, resonating at particular frequencies.

My exhibition “Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz” at the Curhaus explores the symbol of the angel as the AngelHound, through 13 different images. AngelHound@Hz is a series of relics each conveying a different look, different costume, different language, different smell, different belief, but all with the same light – same dirt.

Each image with unique assemblage is placed in a unique recycled frame, resonating by the particular image…

Dr. Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias:… Here Eva Petrič is her own model. In the role of the angel, one and the same photo in a recycled frame and with symbolic set pieces and decorative elements for the different emotions. There are also fascinating shadow images in which her person is mirrored, multiplied, and superimposed, and which unfold an almost hypnotic effect.“ (excerpt from presentation)

My great thanks to Dr. Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias for her wonderful support to me and her thoughtful introduction to the visual aspect of this body of work.

Each image is paired by a corresponding shadow image visualizing a certain emotion echoing one and the same AngelHound E@motion in the form of 11 different frequencies - emotions felt. I am happy to share that these emotions are audiovised and collected in my art sound scape vinyl Siren Odyssey.

My „Siren Odyssey“ art soundscapes vinyl - my shadows translated into sound, each resonating it’s own particular frequency, associated with its particular shadow emotion image from my „Periodic Table of Shadowed E@motion“ are taking me back to some of my earliest work to which I always refer to; my „Gr@y Matter, language of shadows“ opus.

Siren Oddyssey is the result of my collaboration with Mydek 2000, sound engineer Leon Gruenbaum from New York with whom it was a pleasure to work with and honor. My thanks for his fantastic grooves and adapted specific tones, corresponding with my shadow frequencies. Thank you also to Mario Rossori for guiding me in the maze of creating this art vinyl.

I am grateful to Dr. Thomas Miessgang for his extraordinary interesting dialog which he lead in such a sophisticated manner, I’m extremely honored to have been able to have Thomas Miessgang think, talk and write about this body of work of mine. Quoting samples of Thomas‘s exquisite text:

„„Eva Petric's multimedia work is not located in the space-time continuum, in that fold of existence, in which we believe to be safe. On the contrary: Siren Odyssey aims to explode this modality of being and uncover other dimensions of the multiverse..It is an odyssey in the truest sense of the word, which uses a very limited repertoire of auditory impulses, especially on the acoustic level, but which lends them urgency and ontological urgency through repetition and varied development“

"...An audiovisual event unfolds in which heartbeats and thunder rolls, images of rocket launches, electronic arpeggios and metallic percussion effects, time-lapse images of the emergence and decay of plant organisms, bird calls, insect noises and much more constantly enter into new connections that leave behind secured stocks of human life at every step of merging and open up a wormhole into the unknown: 'Into the Great Wide Open`, as the pop song goes.“ (Dr. Thomas Miessgang).

Last but not least, my great thanks to Toni Faber, the Stephansdom priest and his entire team for helping to make such a memorable finissage for me. And of course to all of you who were there, sharing your wonderful frequency with me.

My great thanks also to my dear friend Florentine Helbich for most of the photos used in this email. If you are in vicinity of St. Stephan's cathedral in Vienna, kindly invited to visit Playing the Angel - AngelHound@Hz. The exhibition will be on display till the end of the next week.

Copyright Eva Petric, 2023, Bildrecht Vienna, All rights reserved.

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