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  • Eva Petrič

Frankfurt Book Fair

the largest book fair in the world, opened its doors for the 75'th time, with its guest of honor: Slovenia, and my art installation "Thoughts without skin, floating", in the Slovenian Pavilion. Kindly invited to visit it and add your thoughts to it. Kindly invited also to my book signing of my @pple girl story - to be a shadow or a puppet... at the Drava book stand in Hall 3, 1st floor, F38.

The 75th jubilee Frankfurt book fair opened with a long list of events, starting from the press conference with also the Frankfurter Allgemeime Zeitung, then the greeting of the Mayor of Frankfurt in company of the President of Slovenia and the minister of culture of Slovenia, followed by the official opening of the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair, with the official opening of the guest of honor pavilion - Slovenia Pavilion, and last but not least, a reception hosted by the Embassy of Slovenia. The highlight was the beautiful speech by Slovenian poet Miljana Cunta which was thoughtful, engaging, innovative, sincere and beautifully raw and, I feel, presented best what Slovenia stands for at this book fair.

“Thoughts without skin; floating”… I’m extremely honored to be featured at this year’s 75 jubilee Frankfurt book fair with this year’s guest of honor Slovenia’s pavilion with my installation “Thoughts without skin, floating” as well as my new book with the Drava Publisher “@pple girl2; to be a shadow or a puppet” which I will be singing today and tomorrow at the Drava stand located at Hall 3.1 F38. Hope to see you.

These are not clouds; they are “thoughts without skin; floating”…

…recycled from all over the world…forming together a collective story, hopefully inspiring visitors of the Frankfurt book fair to dream and never lose touch with their thoughts whatever kind of emotions they may be holding within themselves.

Kindly invited to bring your emotions and add them to the already existing ones to each of my “Floating thoughts”…

With my “Thoughts Without Skin, Floating” I want to draw attention to language and how it is changing…

What is language? What was the first language and what will be our last language? For language to persist it must remain a collective phenomenon, one that cherishes and respects also all the minor languages existing and with this securing their existence in our ever so fastly changing world of instant likes and linear understanding…

Language is an expression of the zeitgeist of humanity. Let’s make sure to not have it become devoid of its emotions, which are the expression of humanity’s emotions.

Perhaps , the universe is after all, not made of atoms but stories ; and stories are not made of words, but of emotions.

Kindly invited to come and experience “Thoughts without skin, floating” at the Forum, in the Slovenian - guest of honor pavilion at the Frankfurt book fair 2023

I am happy to announce that the German translation of my book Without Skin, Floating, the story of a personal and collective "hematoma" will be published by the Vienna publisher Loeker in early 2024, while the hybrid art dictionary of emotions, my@pplegirl2; to be a shadow or a puppet” , published by Drava Verlag, is presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I will sign the book today and tomorrow at the Drava stand located in Hall 3.1 F38. Hope to see you.

With Erika Hornbogner, the director of Drava and Wieser Publishing.

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